Wine Storage of Florida

500 S Andrews Ave

Pompano Beach, FL 33069

Wine Storage of Florida specializes in the most important needs for wine collectors, wine makers, wine distributors and restaurants. In a secure climate-controlled unit, your wines will be kept at a constant temperature and the optimal humidity level to best protect and enrich your collection. You will feel confident knowing that your wine collection is protected and secure. 


Temperature and Humidity

Our state-of-the-art wine cellar has refrigeration and humidity control systems with redundant sensors to ensure proper temperatures of 50-55ºF and humidity levels of 60-70%. The proper humidity range prevents mold and mildew as well as drying out of the cork. The cooler temperatures helps slow the aging process and neither “cooks” nor “freezes” the wine. Our refrigeration and humidity systems are controlled and alarm monitored on and off site. 



Light can pose a potential problem for long term storage by breaking down the complex modules that create special flavors in properly aged wine. Our wine storage units feature motion-activated lighting so your wine is exposed to a minimum amount of ultra violet light. Minimizing the effects of light exposure during wine storage enhances the quality. 



Having a wine collection outside of immediate reach can be a bit unnerving. Security is an important issue, and a top priority. Our wine cellar is only accessible to current wine storage customers. All entrance points to the building and wine storage lockers are monitored through our 24 hour video surveillance monitoring system.